An Exciting Life - Rude I've been a fan of Rude (Rupert Meats') stuff for a long while, having first encountered it was when I bought my girlfriend a Rude skirt from a Toronto fashion boutique, years ago. It showed a sign on top of a building, reading "Rude" of course. She still wears it!

Then, having moved to London, England, 3 years ago, we accidentally stumbled across his North East London studio at The Chocolate Factory open studio last year - I bought his "An Exciting Life" print (above).

I think Rupert was actually way ahead of the current mega trend of "doodles" in illustration/lettering that has taken over at the moment. He's been developing his look for years, but naturally, he's been part of this wave as well, with his stuff appearing everywhere, including in this cool Nokia ad, that almost feels entirely inspired by his stuff.

Within his work hand-lettered typography is as important as any other visual within a composition, and in many cases, more important. He crafts elaborately dimensional, cross-hatched, and charmingly rough hewn lettering that harkens back to the dimensional type of noir film title cards (see Noir post) or sometimes the colourful, cut paper shapes of Matisse's late collages.

But they evoke a wonderful enthusiasm and joyousness that takes me back to my childhood, reminding me of the late 1970s and Sesame Street's cool animated segments teaching us the "letter of the day" or the great kids show "Electric Company" (where Morgan Freeman got his start).

Rupert could better explain his inspirations I'm sure. Maybe I'll do an interview with him next time!

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