wired-2 mario-hugo-101


Before a recent flight, I picked up the new issue of Wired Magazine (as I always do) at the airport, and among the tasty tidbits, I couldn't help but notice some very beautifully crafted section titles. They read "Rants", "Start" and "Play" among others.

Tiny as they were, they looked like they had been carefully cut from paper and lit, casting shadows across themselves from slits and folds (see top image), but they were almost too perfect to be actual physical objects. Then two days later, trolling the internet, I found the artist: Mario Hugo. His work is often hand made (pencil, pens, splatter - even thread) but most certainly enters the digital realm for certain commissions - each, however, walk an ambiguous line for splendid results.

He has done work for Wallpaper magazine, Wired (as mentioned), as well as commissions for all sorts of businesses, boutiques and organizations - illustrative and typographic. Keep up the great work Mario.