bankside-b bankside-a


Strolling along London's wonderful south bank this Christmas, I finally descended the steps to the low-tide river banks of the Thames, having wanted to for ages.

For those of you who don't live in London, or near the Thames, it is amazingly tidal. The difference in the height of the water at high and low tide (tidal range) during the Spring is about 21 feet! You can find more info and stats here.

Anyway, at the foot of the steps (below the Tate Modern) I was pleasantly surprised to discover a "hidden", underwater sign, with letters at least 7 feet tall, forming the word BANKSIDE at least 50 feet wide.

Covered in green algae the concrete letters appear to be assembled from pieces or facets, with bolts across their surfaces affixing them to the walls. Quite an amazing sight, and a very unexpected place to find a typography!

It reminded me of that incredible moment in James Cameron's Titanic expedition film, where their robot cameras suddenly, out of a cloud of sediment, find the unbelievably huge hull of the lost Titanic, bolts, then port holes, and then, if I'm not mistaken, giant letters spelling TITANIC.