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Sebastian reached out and connected with me on Vimeo earlier this week, and I'm glad he did because I was delighted to find his new Flickermood 2.0 animation, having seen the original Flickermood last year. The new Flickermood is mega! An unrelenting ballet of editing as much as it is a typographic storm. The pulsing, throbbing, shifting and repositioning of the (entirely Helvetica based) compositions encorporate many 'of the moment' motion graphics trends and stylistic nods (the film damage and shifting exposures of otherwise crisp/modern visuals remind me of the amazing Iron Man end titles), but it is all so harmonious and consistent, that it feels fresh and unpredictable. The actual text is from the poem "Mutability" by Shelley.

Maybe it's just because I'm working on some "microscopic" looking motion graphics at the moment, but Flickermood has moments that feel like the letter forms are floating in fluid, drifting randomly - nicely done.

That great Forss soundtrack seems to provide endless editing opportunites (it was also used in the orginal Flickermood animation). This is clearly the result of a lot of work, and reinforces for me (as a diehard Apple Motion user) that After Effects really does rock. I need to chat with Sebastian about all the techniques at work here.  You can watch the extended version of Flickermood 2.0 below. Nice one.