This is one of those "damn, I wish I'd thought of that" ideas. In fact, I kinda did think of this once (really!), but not in such a super cool, old world meets new world kind of way. I found this amazing thing on the Design Within Reach website, and it got my heart racing. The lovely Magnavox logo that sits on the vintage metal horn is my excuse for this (industrial design) post on my type blog, but it's really the object and the idea itself that I love. It uses no electricity, simply amplification through the base, up and out through the horn. Love it.

Here's a caption from DWR website: Designer Matt Richmond’s iVictrola merges turn-of-the-century technology with new-millennium gadgetry. The steampunk aesthetic of this new fangled contraption belies the simplicity of the design – place your iPhone in the indented “dock” in the walnut base and turn on some tunes. The sound is carried from a hole in the base, amplified by the metal Magnavox horn to fill the room.