I recently stumbled across an amazing filmic find: La Antenna, a "silent-film" made in 2007 by Argentinian Cinematographer/director Esteban Sapir. Shot in a chalky black & white, with lavish, though lo-fi production design, it is probably the most typographic film I've even seen.

The titles/subtitles, are as much dramatic props as they are communication. The visual approach of La Antenna draws inspiration from Russian agitprop films and posters (the same inspirations as Canadian Guy Madden's wonderful films) but also a broad array of other influences including early German films like Fritz Lang's Metropolis, 1940s American Film Noir, and even turn of the century cinema pioneers such as Georges Méliès.

Where La Antenna goes further (typographically speaking) than Madden's films, is by stepping further away from the more strict authenticity that mark Madden's efforts, into areas that also borrow from contemporary motion graphics and graphic novels, resulting in a far more adventurous and integrated use of type throughout. Definitely find and watch this one.