I recently did some VJing for the first time, with dubstep producers/composers Dusk & Blackdown, and absolutely loved it. The preparation of all the visuals for 22 tracks/90 minutes of music was an absolute killer, and I had motion-graphic-tunnel-vision for over 3 weeks, but loved every moment of it. Being up there on stage performing with some amazing musicians was a treat, and the opportunity to finally cross my two creative loves 'graphics' and 'music' was a real joy.

During the prep of all the visuals, I stumbled across the amazing plug-in from Noise Industry/FX Factory called Synthesizer, and put it to work on several of the track visuals that needed more intensity (see below). What turned out to be a very interesting effect, was the interaction of Synthesizer with typography. I used this for one of the track's visuals called "Ridge", but did further experimentation afterwards, and here are the results! Let me know what you think. You can see a broader set of stills from my VJ work with Dusk & Blackdown here.