Happy New Year everyone! 2011... wow.

We spent New Years Eve in Edinburgh, enjoying the incredible torch procession down from Edinburgh Castle, through the streets of Edinburgh, and up to Calton Hill - all 22,000 of us. Quite an experience. Earlier that day, we went to the Edinburgh Modern Art museum, which was wonderful. I couldn't help but notice this unusual work by Glasgow artist Douglas Gordon.

While it may look like a list of gallery donors, it's actually a list of every single person the artist has ever met in his entire life - at least those he can remember! It totals in excess of 1,440 names, but is a work-in-progress, and will continue to grow (as Gordon meets more people.) Doesn't sound like that many actually, but then again, I don't think I could possibly remember that many people I've met in my life. Could you?

Anyway, wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2011. New Year's resolution? Post more often!