A few days ago, my previous post showed frames from The Age of Persuasion "intertitles" well here are the full Main Titles, hot off the press. The Age of Persuasion is a popular CBC Radio show, and Bunbury Films is brilliantly producing a pilot television episode. AOP feels like it was always meant to be visual.

The titles are among the most complex I've ever created, including the building of a full 3D New York Madison Avenue, circa 1957, with cars driving around, leading us inside an ad agency (à la Mad Men), and eventually out into space and back. All told, it features hundreds of vintage ads, billboards and tv spots, and cover the history of advertising in 41 seconds, from the Victorian era, right up to the digital age. You can view the titles below: [vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/29144967 w=500&h=281]