Lumentype NLumentype HLumentype KLumentype J Just stumbled across this curious typographic experiment, and found it quite inspiring. It's a kind of bokeh type effect Ruslan Khasanov. I've featured Ruslan's work in the past. He's a ceaseless experimenter, and I love what he's doing.

This bokeh lumen type is really quite fresh, and I'm not sure how he's accomplished it. There is a clue in one of the images he provides (see below). A lens and light set up. Does he create each circular shape one at a time, then assemble the full letterforms in post. I think not, because seeing them in motion (see below) all the circles in each letter react to changes together... curious...

Lumentype setup

You can see the lumen type in motion here: [vimeo w=500&h=331]